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This Policy describes the principles, methods of collecting and storing information on the MDU website.

The site collects, systematizes and displays information about pupils, coaches and the administration of the City Children and Youth Sports School for team sports of the Dnieper City Council (hereinafter referred to as the Sports Schools). The site collects, systematizes and displays information about teams, squads, their participation in competitions, training camps and other events that are directly related to the activities of the Sports School.


Player pages are created automatically after entering the player's data into the database and applying for him as part of any team.

The site shows the following information about the players:

  • Surname, First name (less often - Patronymic),
  • date of birth,
  • a photo of the player corresponding to the season or available on the site for previous seasons. Or does not show, if there are none.

This information is necessary to identify a player in the Sports School teams and is aimed at combating falsification of player data.

The site collects and displays information related to the activities of players, teams, coaches within a sports school:

  • sports and coaching achievements (sports categories, nominations)
  • participation in teams, competitions, training camps
  • participation in sports school activities
  • photo albums

The site does not collect or store any other information, incl. place of residence, study, data about parents, physical data, contacts (phones, accounts in instant messengers, etc.), etc. If it is necessary to communicate with the player, the coach is always the link.

At the request of the coach, information about the teams' pages can be published on other sites, in social networks, messengers, etc.


For coaches and administration, the site additionally publishes contact information. It is always agreed with the contact person and can be extended or deleted at any time.

Trainer pages are not automatically created. To open the trainer's page, you need to contact the admin site.


The site receives the necessary information from coaches, players' parents, the administration of the Sports School, official sites of the Federations and the organizers of the competition.

Since all stored information is the subject of publication, the site does not need to create special conditions for its storage (except for issues of interference with the purpose of distortion). For this, every effort is made.

The site respects your confidentiality - information about any player, coach, their participation in competitions, teams can be deleted (without the possibility of restoration). To do this, you need to contact the administration of the sports school, trainer or site administrator.

The site respects copyright. We use only our own developments, incl. photo and video materials. Publication of materials, incl. from third-party resources is allowed only with the explicit consent of the author.

The site does not collect information about visitors. But it uses standard Google Analytics tools to get statistics of visits, traffic channels, from which devices visitors come, etc. This information is used to improve the site and contains only generalized data.

The site does not hinder or restrict players and coaches from using site materials for self-presentation.

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